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Window Maker is a one of famous window manager for X Window System. Window Maker supports i18n, but latest Japanized Message Catalog that included in version 0.65.0 is too old, and it does not fit in with recent release such as version 0.6x.x . But I want to keep using Window Maker because I like it, and I do so.

But I thought that this is not good for me ... because I'm not good at English at all, so I have to check up E to J dictionary when I want to try something new preferences. ( maybe it was good way to study English :) )
I was dreaming that "someone translate it in near future".

One day, I could hardly wait for someone. So I decided to translate the current messages only for my convenience, and I made it. My goal is just supplying a deficiency, so my work is based on old catalog that included in current release (0.65.0). "But, wait." I'd thought again, "Did someone already made it?"

So I ask it at Window maker JP ML, and get some comments. They said like this:

Therefore, I made this page to provide you for Japanized Message Catalog. I hope that japanese unix user -- espacially "beginner" -- can use Window Maker more easily, friendly, effectively by this catalog. Thanks for reading.



CAUTION: This catalog is for ONLY OLD VERSION.
Don't worry, the current WindowMaker already has current Japanized catalog.

Download [tar + gzip]

This archive includes catalogs for both Window Maker 0.65.1 and WPrefs 0.45.


How to use

Maybe you already know. :)


Info panel i18n patch

Window Maker has a "Info panel". It shows us various information, but this panel uses Helvetica that can not show Japanese ( only for display "©" ). This patch make more i18n for "Using visual", "Supported image formats", and "Additional Support For" area.

My patch is old. please refer I18n patches for Window Maker (by Mr.Sato).


plmenu.ja user friendly patch

I believe that this patch make plmenu.ja more user friendly.

My patch is old. please refer I18n patches for Window Maker (by Mr.Sato).



please mail me your opinion, suggestion, and better translations. (If you can, please write it in Japanese.)
It's a nice idea subscribing Window maker JP ML.

[2001.06.21] first version.
[2001.09.16] update for 0.65.1.
[2001.11.05] update for 0.70.0.
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